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Showing a Chart as a Visual Story

Everyone in business seems to gravitate toward the trusty chart. They’re easy and everyone understands them, right?

The reality is that many charts are hard to understand without someone explaining them. No matter how much people “jazz them up,” they usually hold way too much information and don’t tell a story.

What if, instead, you phrased your key point as a very short story, with characters, a setting, a plot, and then added a visual to bring it home? We’ve found that stakeholders not only understand and remember the information better, but they can relay your information to their teams.

Here’s a quick example of a chart, then that same information expressed as a short story. The audience is realtors (as if it came from the corporate office of a company like CB Home). The visual is there because realtors seem to love cute to the point of sometimes being cheesy.
Bad Chart.001Puppy Clause.001

Such a difference, right? Can you even figure out what the point of the chart is? And who doesn’t like Puppy Clause.

In case you’d like to learn more and are in the Bay Area …

Upcoming Workshop – October 14th, 2015
Backstories Studio invites you to learn movie-style storytelling for your high-stakes projects
Led by Ted Frank, thought leader and speaker on movie-style storytelling, this workshop will give you what you need to tell a strategic story that inspires and gets you buy in.

Two things to bring:
A high-stakes, data-heavy project you need to present or have recently.
A story in any form (video, comic strip, written, etc.) that really moves you. Must be 5 minutes or less.
October 14 from 6-8 p.m.
Backstories Studio, 1400 Rollins Road, Studio M, Burlingame, CA
Cost: $25
Muse: Snacks, beer and wine included

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