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What We Learned About Getting Buy In

After years of working in advertising, strategy and consumer products, we learned that:

You need empathy for your cause. All business decisions are emotional as well as rational.
Decks don’t work because are too frequently used as information dumps, are the single most common and misused format, and are often shared without being effectively edited for the audience.

Stories work because they take the speaker out of his own head and into your world, building empathy and inspiring your team to take action.
Short movies are even better because they take the story to the next level with active visuals, dialogue and music.

When we realized what was missing in our business communications and thought about all of the projects that didn’t make it, we wanted to take what we learned to help others.

And that’s what we do at Backstories Studio through storytelling workshop, presentation consulting and corporate video production.

Upcoming Workshop at BEI

Bring Movie Storytelling Techniques to Your Project
Ted Frank, Story Strategist, Backstories Studio

Let’s turn your insights, strategy or innovative ideas into a c-suite-ready story that will get you heard. Learn how to find the story in complicated data and turn a boring slide into one that’s simple, powerful and visual. We’ll take it up a few notches and show you how to turn your project into an unforgettable story using movie-style techniques to create a movie that everyone will love. You’ll get a chance to apply these principles to your own projects.

October 21
San Jose Marriott
San Jose, CA