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Five Tips to Becoming a More Powerful Presenter

One the biggest skills that determines promotions, salaries, recognition and sales is the ability to be a stellar presenter. Here are five tips to make you a star.

  1. Memorize and rehearse your presentation so you never have to read it or look at your slides. Almost no one does this (all the more reason to do it), but nothing is more impressive than a presenter showing that they know the information inside and out. Yes, it takes time, but if you put in the effort to rehearse, you will evoke so much more confidence in your audience — and you will have a better time.
  2. Show up at least 15 minutes early so you can test your computer and have the opening slide up when people arrive. It will also give you time to relax and get in the zone.
  3. Bring your own computer so you can minimize technical difficulties. Make sure you have the adapters you need to plug in via VGA and HDMI. Those are the two most popular standards.
  4. Get a good clicker so you know the feel and where all the buttons are. Like your blankie when you were a kid, it will also give you a feeling of comfort at a time when everyone is nervous.
  5. Stand up in front of the screen so everyone can see your gestures and feel your confidence. When you stand in front of them, rather than in the back be­hind the projector, your voice meets their gaze in a straight line so they feel your words. This boosts your credibility exponentially because they feel like they’re watching a leader, someone confident enough to stand up. It will also enable you to move forward to make the more delicate points, like a true consigliore.

Seriously, I cannot emphasize points 1 & 5 enough. It is the most effective way to stand out like a true champion, get buy-in for your ideas, and get the recognition you deserve. Plus, you’ll feel like a hero.