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6 Steps to A Better Company Story on your Website

So many more websites are featuring company-story videos that visitors now expect them. They can be an easier and more fulfilling experience than reading through all the pages. But the company story video can be even better with a few small changes.

With videos, companies don’t have to stop at still images; they can set them in motion. They can have a voice, music, motion and graphics. And they can, if they choose, evoke emotion in their visitors. It’s that second point that I emphasize in this blog. Most companies explain products, often describing features, or sometimes show how they help customers. But especially if you’re a company where it’s difficult to point out your difference, such as those who provide services, this is your chance to differentiate your company by showing emotion. Here’s how:

  1. Use real people: employees and customers, not animation or actors, unless those actors are movie quality.
  2. Give customers an inside look. Show them your commitment, not only through passionate employees, but also in b-roll imagery of the process, so viewers can go behind the curtain and see what makes you tick.
  3. Make heroes. Show not only the commitment, but also the challenges customers throw at you and how you’ve risen to the challenge––both through expertise and sweat.
  4. Show the effect of that passion. Nothing does that better than true customer testimonials. Not scripted, rehearsed quotes, but by interviewing customers and getting honest, heartfelt answers.
  5. Keep them short. Less than two minutes is best, and make it feel like 45 seconds.
  6. Use good quality equipment. This is not the place to skimp so use good camera, lighting and sound equipment. Hire a good editor so it flows well, your color is crisp, and the sound is clear. This video should show that you stand for high quality.

You’ll see all 6 suggestions in these sample videos we put together for an insurance broker and a sustainability consultancy.

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