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5 Steps to a More Powerful Annual Sales Meeting

Oh yeah, all that fun in Vegas. All those sales reps having a great time, and the company spending gazillions to make sure they do. It’s a massive investment at the moment, but also for the rest of the year because it effects the way reps sell and contribute ideas for even better products.

To make sure one of our clients got the most out of their meeting, and sent the reps off with a bang, we created a set of videos that focused and guided the emotions of the reps so they came up with better ideas, bonded more tightly, and came away focused and energized.

  1. Open big. As the reps mingled with bagels and coffee, we cut the lights. Black. Then, the screen filled with bright white. All eyes immediately zipped into the same headspace with a video showing the big wigs excited for the New Year. When the CEO came on stage, he was a rock star.
  2. Knowledge-sharing time. Up came a movie with customers talking about their experiences with the products: good, bad, and workarounds. When the movie was done, the reps talked about what they came away with. The reps then ideated on enhancing solutions so they could be further developed.
  3. Bonding time. Next up – funny videos featuring reps and big wigs: SNL-type sketches, music videos, all produced with far more polish than a boring, hokey skit. Laughs and high-fives ensued.
  4. Ideation time. The CEO announced his strategy for the upcoming year, and then a movie played showing not only the new products, but also the sophisticated approach that went into them. The reps then ideated on the points that would most appeal to customers.
  5. Always be inspiring. Even after the CEO sent them off with an audacious sales goal and a rocking war cry, it still wasn’t over. We cut an ESPN-style highlight reel of the event and sent each rep a link to download it. They relived the moments, and they picked up the phones.

Epilogue: at the end of the year, that audacious sales goal was crushed––by 15%. I know it wasn’t all us, but even if it’s just 1%, the company and the video program was a massive success.