Monthly Archives: February 2016

A Better Way to Onboard and Train New Employees Lickety-Split

All companies want to keep the best new employees. After all, it’s usually their biggest investment. But most large companies don’t expect new employees to contribute much within the first six months while they are getting up to speed.

However, employees want to contribute right away. They want to feel smart at meetings; they want to understand company strategy and its language. So why is this not happening? In a word, decks. Most employees are handed 15 or so decks on various topics when they first arrive. Not decks on the company, the department or the strategy, but mostly current projects and presentations. But they’re not ready yet, which is why so many feel stupid at their first meetings.

We know a better way: a short video which shows the positioning space the company takes in the market, its core customers, and its main strategy for building loyalty. It’s the perfect vehicle for understanding, and also, a powerful way to build employee loyalty right away. New hires see your company as sophisticated and with a sense of purpose. Everyone will get behind that.

They’ll not only get your company, they’ll get behind it. What’s more, you can cement that knowledge and loyalty in a fraction of the time it takes for them to read any deck. They’ll hit the ground running, and the ROI will start right away.

Below, you’ll see a sample video we put together for a fictional cleaning product (to protect confidentiality, we cannot show any we create for clients).