Monthly Archives: October 2016

Get to the Heart – Episode 2: Out of the Weeds that Hold You back

This episode is all about staying out of the weeds, and screenwriters have three techniques that not only help them do that, but also help them keep their stories and their process hyper-efficient. You can apply these same techniques to your projects. Just click on the video above to see how.

Get to the Heart – Episode 1: The Simple Way to Find your Story

We’ve all been in that place where we have so much detail that it’s hard to find “the story” that will be most compelling and actionable. So in this episode, we’ll look first at the tools that help screenwriters become so quick and effective, and then, we’ll show how you can apply them to your project.

It’s a technique that’s surprisingly simple but profoundly powerful, just like the rest of Get to the Heart.