How Movie-Style Storytelling Takes You Farther

We all want our work to have more value and influence––anything that can help us to make a bigger difference. Here, step-by-step, is how movie-style storytelling takes you beyond normal storytelling to get it for you.

Make it simple and you make it easier for your stakeholders to grasp

Stakeholders are overwhelmed and weary from the endless parade of charts they see everyday. So if you make your presentation concise, you’ll automatically feel your stakeholders’ appreciation, and with it, their cooperation. The screenwriting strategy of emphasizing three key points will also help them remember much more of what they heard.

Make it visual and everyone will grasp it in the same way

Because pictures enable you to deliver much more information than text, and in a fraction of the time, making your presentation visual will make it even easier to be simple, concise and understood. But it will also ensure everyone understands it in the same way. And because a photograph in particular feels much more real, it will also raise your work’s credibility. After all, seeing is believing.

Make it tailored and they’ll be more likely to use it

Tailoring your story to the natural learning and working style of your stakeholders will make it so much easier for them to use it. If you’re speaking to an exec, deliver a quick, but memorable package they can take with them and use to lead their teams. If you’re speaking to engineers, give them the data in a way that lets them spend time with it so they can own it. Both will greatly increase your chances for adoption.

Open strong and they’ll listen

The first five minutes are when your stakeholders will decide if you’re worth listening to. Open strong, relevant and clever and you’ll get them intrigued. Create a sense of urgency and they’ll have to listen to you.

Frame your facts in human action and your stakeholders will care

Pure facts are too abstract to evoke emotion, so instead of numbers, show people who personifies those facts and you’ll instantly make them relatable. Show their struggle and need and you’ll increase your stakeholders’ emotional investment because they’ll see someone they can help.

Give them a joinable cause and you’ll see the action you’ve been waiting for

Once you’ve sparked your stakeholders’ desire to help, give them the keys by showing how. Show them not only the opportunities, but all the assets they can leverage and initiatives already underway. That maximizes inspiration, while minimizing the risk of going at it alone. If you’ve got a rallying cry and/or an anthem, even better.

I’ll go into detail on all these steps in upcoming blogs. So stay tuned and we’ll get you set. Or if you don’t want to wait, click on over to Amazon for the paperback version of “Get to the Heart,” or to iTunes for the interactive version.

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